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Experienced professionals serving your drug safety needs
24 hours a day

Drug Safety Solutions is a leader in providing solutions for clinical and drug safety operations. Our clients include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, contract research organizations (CROs), and research institutions.

The expanding pharmaceutical industry, the even faster-growing multiplicity of pharmaceutical drugs – both on the market and in research labs, and the international awareness of reactions to drug products have made drug safety a more critical medical issue than ever before. Pharmaceutical companies and CROs are working diligently to ensure the safety of their products, and are increasingly looking to independent medical teams for assistance in directing and managing the growing scope of investigative work that drug safety entails.

Drug Safety Solutions specializes in:

  • Data Capture – timely and systematic collection of information from multiple sources
  • Analysis – pharmacovigilance professionals with a broad range of clinical assessment skills provide appropriate causality assessment for each adverse event
  • Trend Detection – early indication of potential safety issues with real time monitoring of your safety data
  • Reporting – customized reporting, analysis and information tailored to client needs

We work with our clients to help them conduct studies, analyze information, and prepare the appropriate reports. Our medical professionals work closely with pharmaceutical companies and CROs, providing support and expert advice during each phase of drug safety development and analysis.